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About Us

Indiana Timber Buyers is a company founded by Dan Schwering with the intent to educate landowners on the process of selling timber and managing stands to ensure maximum financial gain.

We operate with integrity and believe there is only one way to do business, the right way!

Dan Schwering - Owner

Dan has over 18 years of experience in the lumber and log industry, including 18 years in sawmill design and manufacturing. What started as a small custom sawing business has grown into a log, lumber and veneer operation to include standing timber sales, exporting, and veneer log marketing. At ITB, Dan handles timber management plans, day-to-day sawmill operations and cut log sales.

Who do we Service?

With our network of connections, we are able to service the entire state of Indiana from the northern reaches to the southern tip. We offer a variety of payment options for your timber and encourage anybody wanting to sell or undecided to contact us for a free evaluation.

Timber Management

Did you know that a timber management plan can be put in place to ensure continual harvest? This includes the removal of sick/dying trees as well as less desirable species in order to let the more valuable timber grow to maturity.

Much like crops, timber can be put on a rotational harvest of 10-15 years. A value that will stretch across generations. It does not have to be a once in a lifetime event! Contact us today for your free evaluation.


Timber is a wonderful renewable resource that when managed correctly, provides use and value for a lifetime. Approximately 4.5 million acres of Indiana lands are forestland. Indiana Timber Buyers respects your land as well as your remaining forest. It is our goal to leave the floor as undisturbed as possible during the harvest process. Best Management Practices are strictly adhered to by the ITB logging crews. This ensures future generations have the ability to enjoy the woods while profiting from it as well.

Selling your Timber

Indiana Timber Buyers goal is to make the process of selling your timber as stress free and easy as possible. If your timber is not ready for harvest, we will politely inform you of this. If your timber is ready for harvest, we will create a timber management plan outlining the value and harvest details. We will always show you how our timber compares to the Annual Purdue Stumpage report.

Species we buy

We buy all species of hardwood timber. This includes Ash, Poplar, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, and Hickory. We specialize in Walnut and White Oak with an emphasis on high quality veneer trees.

Yard Tree Policy

While ITB would like to help everyone looking to sell, we do have a couple of items we cannot purchase. These includes trees located in yards and near dwellings. These trees typically contain metal and pose liability issues. While individual cases vary, we typically need 5 acres of timber or more to justify the cost of moving equipment. As with everything, there are special circumstances. If you own several large clear walnut or white oak trees like those pictured below, the value they provide could justify the cost. Please don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure.

Timber Buying Process

The process of selling standing timber can be difficult and hard to understand. ITB’s goal is to streamline the entire event and offer easy solutions for the landowner. Our simple process ensures that you are fully educated and comfortable with the harvest.

Everybody wants “top dollar”

Of course they do! While most companies proclaim to offer the most for your timber, only Indiana Timber Buyers consistently does so. From the strongest domestic and international markets for veneer logs, to the most robust for Hardwood Grade Lumber and pallet logs, ITB will bring top dollar for your timber sale!

Ash Borer: Is your stand infested?

The Emerald Ash Borer has decimated ash trees throughout the state of Indiana. Areas hit hardest include those counties that share a border with Michigan. The Borer has caused substantial damage to trees throughout central and east central Indiana. Allow us to evauluate your ash trees to determine the level of infestation. This should be acted upon quickly, as the trees tend to die at a rapid rate.

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ITB is always in the market for cut logs of particular species. We are year round buyers of Walnut, Ash, and Poplar saw logs. If you have these items for sale, we are more than happy to come out and take a look. Our sawmill operation ensures the highest paid prices for standing timber as we eliminate the log broker.

Timber Harvesting

Indiana Timber Buyers adheres to all BMP’s or Best Management practices as outlined by the state of Indiana. Harvesting requires the use of Large Machinery in order to effectively and efficientely gather all sizeable timber in the stand. ITB takes all necessary steps to ensure property is treated with the upmost respect. These plans are laid out during the consultation portion of the timber harvesting process.

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